Please join us for MMTI Lab Seminar Series presentations:

Thursday,  February 27th      2pm – 3:30pm      

Guillermo Horga, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry 

Columbia University

"Inferential mechanisms of psychotic symptoms"

Health Science Center    Department of Psychiatry    Floor T10 - 087 Conference Room


Upcoming 2019/2020 Schedule for MMTI Lab seminar series & presentations:  

Th Mar 19 – Rita Goldstein

Th Apr 2 – Elise Weerts, PhD – Prof, Johns Hopkins Univ School of Medicine

Th May 14 – Gerard Sanacora, MD, PhD – Prof, Yale School of Medicine

Presentations are in HSC-T10-087-MMTI Conference Room from 2:30pm-~4pm, unless otherwise noted.